Nicotine Calculator

Nicotine Calculator

Calculate the amount of nicotine shot that you need to add to your 0-nicotine liquid by using this simple nicotine calculator.
Nicotine shot calculator takes the guess work out of adding Nicotine Shots to your e-liquid or adding more nicotine to your current e-liquid.

How does the nicotine shot calculator work?

Step 1. Enter the volume of 0-nicotine liquid in milliliters (ml).
Step 2. Enter the strenght of nicotine shot in mg/ml, most common booster strenghts are 18 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml, for example enter 18 or 20.
Step 3. Enter the final desired nicotine strenght in mg/ml, for example 3. Desired nicotine strenght is your preference on your e-liquid’s nicotine strength i.e. 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml etc.
Step 4. Press “Calculate” and your measurements will be listed under the “Calculate” button.

Result: The nicotine calculator will show you the amount of nicotine shot you need to add to your 0-nicotine liquid.

Where to find nicotine boosters for e-liquid?

You can find nicotine boosters, which contain 20 mg/ml nicotine, at Levia e-cigarette e-shop.
EXTRAPURE nicotine boosters 20mg/ml –